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Every person has their own definition of evil, however true evil is something that is often hard to recognize. Good people always try to find something good in others too and it is very hard for them to notice when someone is using them and only wants to harm them. If you are not sure about the signs that show someone is evil, keep reading so that you will be able to recognize them easier.

1. Denying reality
These people will often deny the truth no matter how obvious it is. Their truth is the complete opposite of the reality and it is an interpretation of their twisted ideals.

2. Twisting facts
They are able to twist any fact that is not in coordination with their manipulative reality and their goals. They will try very hard to take things out of context and merge them with other such things in order to create alternative facts that are in their favor.

3. Withholding information
If there is something that can compromise their goals and ideals, they will keep this a secret. They believe that withholding information is not lying, however if their silence harms others, it is just the same as if they were lying. Not only this, they will also make you feel guilty for not trusting them.

4. Misleading people
They have a way of misleading you and make you feel incompetent, attacked, vulnerable, hated or afraid. Their choice of words is very well thought because they tend to create emotions such as the ones we already mentioned.

5. Lying constantly
Lying is the way evil people express themselves. They always add juicy information to whatever they are talking about. Lying to people makes them feel pleasure and if you catch them lying they will lie even more to cover them up.

6. Remorselessness
They will never feel sorry for hurting people or destroying relationships or something meaningful to other people. If they notice something good in you they will treat you like garbage and exaggerate your weaknesses. They enjoy seeing other people suffer.

7. Avoiding responsibility
These people have no morals. If they know they are about to be blamed about something they did they will redirect it before it reaches them. They never apologize for their mistakes no matter how much they harmed someone.

8. Manipulating
They are masters of manipulation which have a plan for every situation. If they want to make you feel stupid, they will do it and in the end you will feel incompetent for the things you did even if you do them well.

9. Fair-weather friends
They will be your friends when you are happy and successful and once you reach a hard period in your life they will disappear. They are never supportive and will always use you to gain something from you.

10. Stealing your time
They know when you are on a deadline or very busy and they will do whatever it takes to make you lose track of time. They hate seeing you succeed or become better than them. They will appear at the worst possible time in order to mess up your plans and they will fake remorse when you get in trouble.

11. Leading double lives
You will never truly get to know these people. They often lead double lives sometimes even more and they have a different story for each of them. You will never get a clear picture of their personality because no one really knows them well.

12. Control freaks
They like having complete control over the situation even it if means being possessive. They look at other people as their pawns and losing control over them means losing their toys. This can become very obvious when they lose control and they can’t hide their feelings.

Everyone can possess one or two of these characteristics, however if you recognized more of them in one person, it is probably time to remove them from your life. Try to pay more attention to how this person interacts with you and you will have no trouble determining whether you are dealing with an evil person. Surround yourself with good and happy people even if they have flaws. Having flaws makes you human and if someone appears perfect, there is probably something they are hiding.

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