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>>  Noted Birthdays on Saturday, November 27  <<

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee
1701 – Anders Celsius, Swedish astronomer, physicist, mathematician, Celsius scale (d.1744)
1746 – Robert Livingston, delivered oath of office to George Washington (d.1813)
1809 – Fanny Kemble, English actress, playwright, poet (d.1893)
1857 – Charles Scott Sherrington, English physiologist, bacteriologist, pathologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d.1952)
1885 – Daniel Mendaille, French actor (d.1963)
1894 – Forrest Shaklee, Carlisle, Iowa, founder, Shaklee Products (d.????)
1894 – Konosuke Matsushita, Japanese businessman, founded Panasonic (d.1989)
1897 – Vito Genovese, Italian-American mob boss (d.1969)
1903 – Lars Onsager, Norwegian-American chemist, physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (d.1976)

Buffalo Bob Smith
c. 1972
1903 – Mona Washbourne, England, actress, Stevie, Billie Liar, Driver's Seat (d.1988)
1905 – Astrid Allwyn, Manchester, Conneticutt, actress, Charlie Chan's Secret (d.1978)
1916 – Chick Hearn [Francis Dayle Hearn], sportscaster, actor (d.2002)
1917 – Buffalo Bob Smith [Robert Emil Schmidt], actor, television host, Howdy Doody (d.1998)
1918 – Stephen Elliott, actor (d.2005)
1920 – Buster Merryfield, English actor (d.1999)
1920 – David Waller, actor, Shadowlands, Work is a Four-Letter Word (1968) (d.1997)
1923 – Antonie Hegerlíková, Czech actress (d.2012)
1925 – Ernie Wise, English actor, singer, screenwriter (d.1999)

Bruce Lee
c. 1973
1925 – Marshall Thompson, Peoria, Illinois, actor, Bog, To Hell and Back, Daktari (d.1992)
1925 – Michael Tolan, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Nurses, Senator (d.2011)
1928 – Alekos Alexandrakis, Greek actor, director (d.2005)
1935 – Al Jackson, Jr., drummer, songwriter, producer (d.1975)
1939 – Dave Giusti, baseball player, manager
1940 – Bruce Lee, American-Chinese actor, martial artist, screenwriter, Kato – The Green Hornet, One Inch Punch (d.1973)
1941 – Eddie Rabbitt, singer, songwriter, guitarist (d.1998, lung cancer)
1942 – Jimi Hendrix [Johnny Allen Hendrix], born in Seattle, Washington rock guitarist, Purple Haze (d.1970, barbiturates)
1945 – Barbara Anderson, Brooklyn, actress, Officer Eve Whitfield – Ironside, Mimi Davis – Mission Impossible

Eddie Rabbit
1945 – James Avery, actor, Philip Banks – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (d.2013)
1945 – Phil Bloom, Dutch model, actress, first person to appear completely nude on Dutch television
1945 – Randy Brecker, Philadelphia, rocker, Blood Sweat and Tears
1948 – Dave Winthrop, rock saxophonist, Supertramp
1951 – Gunnar Graps, Estonian singer, guitarist (d.2004)
1953 – Boris Grebenshchikov, Russian singer, songwriter, guitarist
1953 – Curtis Armstrong, actor, Herbert Quentin Viola – Moonlighting, Booger – Revenge of the Nerds
1953 – Lyle Mays, keyboardist, composer
1953 – Stephen Bannon, businessman, media executive, Breitbart News

Jimi Hendrix
c. 1968
1954 – Arthur Smith, English comedian, actor, screenwriter
1954 – Patricia McPherson, Oak Harbor, Washington, actress, Bonnie – Knight Rider
1955 – Bill Nye, born in Washington, D.C., comedian, television host, mechanical engineer, host of children's science show, Bill Nye the Science Guy
1956 – William Fichtner, actor, Adam – Mom
1957 – Edda Heiðrún Backman, Icelandic actress, singer, director, artist (d.2016)
1958 – Mike Scioscia, baseball player, manager
1959 – Charlie Burchill, Scottish pop guitarist, Simple Minds – Breakfast Club
1961 – Princess [Desirez Heslop], rocker, Say I'm Your Number One
1961 – Randy Milligan, born in San Diego, California, professional baseball player, first baseman, played for New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds

Barbara Anderson
c. 1969
1961 – Samantha Bond, English actress
1961 – Steve Oedekerk, actor, director, screenwriter
1962 – Arlene Baxter, Oceanside, California, Playmate December 1993
1962 – Charlie Benante, born in Bronx, New York, rock drummer, Anthrax – Armed and Dangerous
1962 – Mike "Puffy" Bordin, San Francisco, rock drummer, Faith No More
1963 – Fisher Stevens, Chicago, actor, My Science Project, Short Circuit, Hackers
1964 – Rebecca Michelle Ferratti, Helena, Montana, Playmate June 1986
1964 – Robin Simone Givens, born in NYC, New York, Darlene – Head of the Class
1965 – Fiachna Ó'Braonáin, Irish pop guitarist, Hothouse Flowers – Don't Go
1966 – Carwell Gardner, NFL fullback, Buffalo Bills, San Diego Chargers
1969 – Myles Kennedy, singer, songwriter, Alter Bridge
1971 – Rhonda Adams, Columbus, Georgia, Playmate June 1995
1971 – Iván Rodríguez, MLB HOF-2017, Texas Rangers, Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Washington Nationals
1973 – Evan Karagias, wrestler, actor
1973 – Sharlto Copley, South African actor, director, producer, Howling Mad Murdock – The A-Team (2010)
1974 – Alec Newman, Scottish actor
1976 – Jaleel White, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Steve Urkel – Family Matters
1978 – Joshua Harris, actor, Locked Up: A Mother's Rage, Christopher Ewing – Dallas.
1978 – Tim Yeung, drummer
1980 – Jackie Greene, singer, songwriter, guitarist
1984 – Izumi Kitta, Japanese voice actress, singer
1985 – Alison Pill, Canadian actress
1986 – Oritsé Williams [Oritsé Jolomi Matthew Soloman Williams], English singer, songwriter, producer, dancer

James Avery
c. 2013
Curtis Armstrong
c. 2014
Bill Nye
c. 2011
William Fichtner
c. 2011
Mike Scioscia
Jaleel White
c. 2010
*** Vet completed October 26, 2017. (Dated, edited, and corrected) - Sized Nov. 4
(All Conceived Around March 6)

>>  Noted Events On Saturday, November 27  <<

2021 – NOTE: – "Not All Verified": If no hyperlink, event not verified or vetted. [1] Could not corroborate date, may be conflicting data on multiple sites, or exact date could not be verified. Hyperlinks are generally verification of year, month, date, and event. [bh] Brainy History, not vetted elsewhere, take their word for it at this time. Error 403 links corrected when found.
2015 – An Robert Lewis Dear (57) inside a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, shoots at least four members of the Colorado Springs Police Department. One officer later dies. Two civilians were also killed, and six injured. The shooter later surrendered
2014 – Oil prices fall to $69/barrel after an OPEC decision to continue current oil production levels despite pressure from non-OPEC oil producing countries seeking higher prices
2014 – Two boys in a New York town are rescued early this morning after being inadvertently buried in snow by a snow plow; the plow operator did not see the children as he cleared snow from a parking lot in which they were building a snow fort
2001 – A hydrogen atmosphere is discovered on the extrasolar planet Osiris by the Hubble Space Telescope, the first atmosphere detected on an extrasolar planet
1978 – In San Francisco, city mayor George Moscone and openly gay city supervisor Harvey Milk are assassinated by former supervisor Dan White
1973 – Twenty-fifth Amendment: The United States Senate votes 92–3 to confirm Gerald Ford as Vice President of the United States. (On December 6, the House will confirm him 387–35)
1973 – U.S. President Richard Nixon signs the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act, authorizing petroleum price, production, allocation and marketing controls
1970 – George Harrison releases 3 album set "All Things Must Pass"

Magical Mystery Tour
Released this date, 1967.
1970 – Pope Paul VI wounded in chest during a visit to Philippines by a dagger-wielding Bolivian painter disguised as a priest [bh]
1967 – Beatles release "Magical Mystery Tour"
1965 – Vietnam War: The Pentagon tells U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson that if planned operations are to succeed, the number of American troops in Vietnam has to be increased from 120,000 to 400,000
1965 – 15,000 demonstrate against war in Vietnam in Washington D.C.
1961 – KHAW-TV (a satellitle of KHON-TV) channel 11 in Hilo, Hawaii (NBC) begins broadcasting
1960 – CBS radio final broadcast of "Have Gun Will Travel"
1952 – KTBC-TV channel 7 in Austin, Texas (CBS) begins broadcasting
1934 – Bank robber Baby Face Nelson dies in a shoot-out with the FBI
1911 – Audience throws vegetables at actors for first recorded time in U.S. [bh]
1910 – New Yorks' Penn Station opens as world's largest train station
1895 – At the Swedish–Norwegian Club in Paris, Alfred Nobel signs his last will and testament, setting aside his estate to establish the Nobel Prize after he dies
1895 – America's first auto race starts; 6 cars, 55 miles, winner average speed, 7 MPH
1890 – First signal box for San Francisco Police Department goes into operation
1868 – Battle of Washita River, Oklahoma. Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custers' 7th U.S. Cavalry attacked Black Kettleā€™s Southern Cheyenne camp on the Washita River, their chief Black Kettle dies in the attack
1839 – American Statistical Association organizes in Boston
1817 – U.S. soldiers attack Florida Indian village, beginning Seminole War
1582 – William Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway [1]

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