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>>  Noted Birthdays on Wednesday, January 19  <<

Robert E. Lee
c. 1864
1807 – Robert E. Lee, born in Stratford Hall, Virginia, American, Confederate soldier, best known as a commander of the Confederate States Army (d.1870)
1809 – Edgar Allan Poe, born in Boston, Massachusetts, writer, editor, literary critic, orphan, Pit and the Pendulum (d.1849)
1813 – Henry Bessemer, engineer, inventor, Bessemer engine, steelmaking process (d.1898)
1866 – Harry Davenport, New York City, actor, director, My Sin (1931), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939) (d.1949)
1874 – Hitachiyama Taniemon, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 19th Yokozuna (d.1922)
1876 – Wakashima Gonshirō, Japanese sumo wrestler, the 21st Yokozuna (d.1943)
1877 – Charles Coburn, Savannah, Georgia, actor, Devil and Miss Jones (d.1961)
1887 – Alexander Woollcott, actor, playwright, critic (d.1943)
1906 – Lillian Harvey, born in London, England, actress, Invitation to the Waltz (1935) (d.1968)

Edgar Allan Poe
1913 – Minnesota Fats [Rudolf Walter Wanderone Jr.], billiards player (d.1996)
1913 – Anthony Dexter [Walter Reinhold Alfred Fleischmann], Talmage, Nebraska, Canada, actor, Valentino (1951) (d.2001)
1922 – Guy Madison [Robert Ozell Moseley], California, actor, The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (1951) (d.1996)
1923 – Jean Stapleton, New York City, actress, Damn Yankees, Klute, Edith Bunker – All in the Family (d.2013)
1924 – Nicholas Colasanto, Providence, Rhode Island, actor, director, "Coach" Ernie Pantusso – Cheers (d.1985)
1926 – Fritz Weaver, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actor, Dr. Josef Weiss – Holocaust (1978), The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) (d.2016)
1930 – Tippi Hedren [Nathalie Kay Hedren], actress, mother of Melanie Griffith, worked with Hitchcock, The Birds (1963), Marnie (1964), Helen Maclaine – The Bold and the Beautiful (1990-91)
1932 – Joe Schmidt, NFL HOF linebacker, Detroit Lions
1935 – Johnny O'Keefe, Australian singer, songwriter (d.1978)

Minnesota Fats
c. 1967
1936 – Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, singer, harmonica player, drummer (d.2011)
1936 – Fred J. Lincoln, actor, director, producer, screenwriter (d.2013)
1939 – Phil Everly, singer, songwriter, guitarist, The Everly Brothers – Wake Up Little Susie (d.2014)
1940 – Mike Reid, English comedian, actor, author (d.2007)
1942 – Michael Crawford, English actor, singer
1943 – Janis Joplin, Port Arthur, Texas, bluesy rock singer, Piece of My Heart (d.1970)
1944 – Shelley Fabares [Michele Ann Marie Fabares], born in Santa Monica, California, actress, singer, Mary Stone – The Donna Reed Show (1958-63), Christine Armstrong – Coach (1989-97)
1945 – Trevor Williams, English singer, songwriter, bass player
1946 – Dolly Rebecca Parton, Sevierville County, Tennessee, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actress, author, businesswoman, philanthropist, Dolly! (1976-77), 9 to 5 (1980)

Jean Stapleton
c. 1977
1947 – Rod Evans, rocker, Deep Purple – Come Taste the Band
1947 – Paula Deen [Paula Ann Hiers Deen], chef, restaurateur
1949 – Robert Palmer, born in Batley, England, singer, Power Station, Addicted To Love (d.2003)
1951 – Martha Davis, singer, The Motels – Only the Lonely
1952 – Dewey Bunnell, born in Yorkshire, England, musician, singer, guitarist, songwriter, America – A Horse with No Name
1953 – Desi Arnaz, Jr., born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Craig – Here's Lucy (1968), Fakeout (1982), Joyride (1977)
1953 – Linda Hayden, Middlesex England, actress, The Blood on Satan's Claw (1970)
1954 – Katey Sagal, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Peg Bundy – Married with Children (1987-97)
1955 – Paul Rodriguez, born in Culiacan, Mexico, comedian, actor, A Cinderella Story (2004), Lonely Street (2009), Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008)

Nicholas Colasanto
1955 – Tony Mansfield, English singer, songwriter, producer
1957 – Mickael Virtue, rock keyboardist, UB40 – Red Red Wine
1959 – Jeff Pilson, Lake Forest, Illinois, bass player, songwriter, actor, Foreigner
1961 – Paul McCrane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, actor, Robert "Rocket" Romano – ER
1961 – William Ragsdale, El Dorado, Arkansas, actor, Fright Night, Mannequin 2, Smooth Talk
1963 – Caron Wheeler, English singer, Soul II Soul – Keep on Movin'
1966 – Lena Philipsson [Maria Magdalena Philipsson], Swedish singer, songwriter
1967 – Christine Tucci, Katonah, New York, actress, Amanda Cory – Another World (1993-95)
1968 – Whitfield Crane [William Whitfield Crane IV], rocker, Ugly Kid Joe – Madman, Too Bad
1971 – John Wozniak, Minneapolis, Minnesota, singer, songwriter, guitarist, band Marcy Playground
1971 – Shawn Wayans, New York City, New York, actor, producer, screenwriter, In Living Color
1972 – Drea De Matteo [Andrea Donna de Matteo], born in Queens, New York, actress, Adriana La Cerva – The Sopranos, Angie Bolen – Desperate Housewives, Joey
1974 – Frank Caliendo, comedian, actor, screenwriter, MADtv
1975 – Noah Georgeson, singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer
1977 – Benjamin Ayres, Canadian actor, director, photographer, Dr. Zach Miller – Saving Hope
1977 – Taliesin Jaffe, Los Angeles, California, voice actor, ADR director, scriptwriter, former child actor, Willy Mansfield – Hail to the Chief
1980 – Luke Macfarlane, Canadian-actor, singer, Scotty Wandell – Brothers & Sisters
1982 – Jodie Sweetin, actress, Stephanie Tanner – Full House/Fuller House

Janis Joplin
c. 1970
Shelley Fabares
c. 1991
Dolly Rebecca Parton
c. 2010
Paula Deen
c. 2006
Desi Arnaz, Jr.
c. 1974
Katey Sagal
c. 2010
Jodie Sweetin
c. 2015
* * * Vet completed December 17, 2017. (Dated, edited, and corrected)
(Conceived Around April 28)

>>  Noted Events On Wednesday, January 19  <<

2022 – NOTE: – "Not All Verified": If no hyperlink, event not verified or vetted. [1] Could not corroborate date, may be conflicting data on multiple sites, or exact date could not be verified. Hyperlinks are generally verification of year, month, date, and event. [bh] Brainy History, not vetted elsewhere, take their word for it at this time, a valid citation would be nice. Error 403 links corrected when found.
2010 – United States Navy troops land near the Haitian presidential palace, bringing food, water, and equipment to aid victims of the earthquake
2006 – The New Horizons probe is launched by NASA on the first mission to Pluto
1997 – Yasser Arafat returns to Hebron after more than thirty years and joins celebrations over the handover of the last Israeli-controlled West Bank city
1994 – -20°F (-29°C) (5:32 AM) coldest day ever recorded in Cleveland, Ohio
1994 – -36°F (-38°C) in New Whiteland, Indiana (state record)
1993 – Israel recognizes PLO as no longer criminal
1992 – IBM announces a nearly five billion dollar loss for 1992
1991 – Gulf War: Iraq fires a second Scud missile into Israel, causing fifteen injuries
1991 – Eastern Air Lines goes out of business after sixty-two years, citing financial problems
1989 – President Reagan pardons George Steinbrenner for illegal funds for Nixon
1988 – Arizona committee opens hearing on impeachment of Gov. Evan Mecham
1988 – 48 Hours premiers on CBS-TV
1986 – The first IBM PC computer virus is released into the wild. A boot sector virus dubbed (c)Brain, it was created by the Farooq Alvi Brothers in Lahore, Pakistan, reportedly to deter unauthorized copying of the software they had written [1]
1985 – Born In The U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen peaked at number nine
1984 – California Supreme Court rejects the request of quadriplegic Elizabeth Bouvia's to starve herself to death in a public hospital [1]
1983 – The Apple Lisa, the first commercial personal computer from Apple Inc. to have a graphical user interface and a computer mouse, is announced
1981 – Iran accepts U.S. offer of seven billion nine hundred million dollars in frozen assets
1980 – Pink Floyd's "The Wall" hits number one
1978 – The last Volkswagen Beetle made in Germany leaves VW's plant in Emden. Beetle production in Latin America continues until 2003
1977 – U.S. President Ford pardons Iva Toguri D'Aquino (Tokyo Rose)
1977 – World's largest crowd gathering - the Hindu Kumbh Mela in India attracts a then record fifteen million people
1977 – Snow falls in Miami, Florida. This is the only time in the history of the city that snowfall has occurred. It also fell in the Bahamas
1971 – Beatles' "Helter Skelter" is played at Charles Manson trial
1968 – WKBF-TV channel 61 in Cleveland, Ohio (IND) begins broadcasting
1964 – KFME TV channel 13 in Fargo, North Dakota (PBS) begins broadcasting
1960 – Japan and the United States sign the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security Between the United States and Japan
1953 – Almost 72% of all television sets in the United States are tuned into I Love Lucy to watch Lucy give birth
1946 – General Douglas MacArthur establishes the International Military Tribunal for the Far East in Tokyo to try Japanese war criminals
1945 – World War II: Soviet forces liberated the Lódz Ghetto; only eight hundred and seventy-seven Jews of the initial population of one hundred and sixty-four thousand remained at that time
1940 – You Nazty Spy!, the very first Hollywood film of any kind to satirize Adolf Hitler and the Nazis premieres, starring The Three Stooges, with Moe Howard as the character "Moe Hailstone" satirizing Hitler
1938 – General Motors begins mass production of diesel engines
1937 – Howard Hughes sets a new air record by flying from Los Angeles to New York City in seven hours, twenty-eight minutes, twenty-five seconds
1935 – Coopers Inc. sells the world's first men's briefs in Chicago, calls it the "Jockey"
1923 – Chancellor of the Exchequer Stanley Baldwin and Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon agree to reschedule repayment of Britain's four billion five hundred million dollar war debt over sixty-two years [1]
1922 – Geological survey says U.S. oil supply would be depleted in twenty years
1920 – The United States Senate votes against joining the League of Nations
1915 – Georges Claude patents the neon discharge tube for use in advertising [1]
1903 – First regular transatlantic radio broadcast between U.S. and England
1903 – New bicycle race "Tour de France" announced [1]
1883 – The first electric lighting system employing overhead wires, built by Thomas Edison, begins service at Roselle, New Jersey
1862 – Battle of Mill Springs, Kentucky (Fishing Creek, Logan's Crossroads)
1861 – Georgia becomes fifth state to secede
1847 – John C. Frémont is appointed military Governor of the new California Territory
1825 – Ezra Daggett and nephew Thomas Kensett patent food storage in tin cans
_973 – Pope Benedictus VI elected

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