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>>  Noted Birthdays on Saturday, April 4  <<

Bea Benaderet
c. 1966
_188 – Caracalla [Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Augustus], Roman emperor, 211-17 (d.217)
1895 – Arthur Murray, born in New York City, dancer, Arthur Murray Dance Party (d.1991)
1906 – Bea Benaderet, born in New York City, actress, Kate – Petticoat Junction (d.1968)
1913 – Rosemary Lane, born in Indianola, Iowa, actress, 4 Mothers, Harvest Melody (d.1974)
1915 – Muddy Waters [McKinley Morganfield], born in Issaquena County, Mississippi, guitarist, I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man (d.1983)
1921 – Elizabeth Wilson, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, actress, Doc, East Side/West Side (d.2015)
1924 – Gil Hodges, NYM-HOF, baseball player, manager, Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Mets (d.1972)
1926 – Mildred Fay Jefferson, Carthage, Texas, known for her opposition to the legalization of abortion, her work as president of the National Right to Life Committee, the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School, and the first woman to become a member of the Boston Surgical Society, Conflict of Interest (d.2010)
1928 – Maya Angelou, born in St. Louis, Missouri, poet and actress, Nyo – Roots (d.2014)

Muddy Waters
c. 1975
1928 – Estelle Harris, actress, Estelle Castanza – Seinfeld
1932 – Anthony Perkins, born in New York City, actor, Psycho, Fear Strikes Out, Pretty Poison (d.1992)
1942 – Kris Jensen, born in New Haven, Connecticut, musician, singer, guitarist, recorded with Kapp Records, Leader Records, Hickory Records, recorded chart topping hit 'Torture'
1944 – Craig T. Nelson, born in Spokane, Washington, actor, Poltergeist, Hayden Fox – Coach
1945 – Caroline McWilliams, born in Seattle, Washington actress, Sally – Soap, Marcy – Benson (d.2010)
1948 – Berry Oakley, born in Chicago, Illinois, rocker, Allman Brothers – Ramblin' Man (d.1972)
1948 – David "Pick" Withers, drummer, Dire Straits
1956 – David E. Kelley, American Producer, screenwriter, L.A. Law (1986-94), Picket Fences (1992–1996), Chicago Hope (1994–2000), The Practice (1997–2004), Ally McBeal (1997–2002), Boston Public (2000-04), Boston Legal (2004-08)
1962 – Ava Fabian, born in Brewster, New York, Playmate August 1986, actress
1964 – Robbie Rist, born in California, actor, Oliver – Brady Bunch
1965 – Robert Downey, Jr., born in New York City, comedian, Iron Man (2008), Sherlock Holmes (2009), Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)
1966 – Nancy McKeon, born in Westbury, New York, actress, Jo Polniazek – Facts of Life
1973 – David Blaine, born in Brooklyn, New York, illusionist, endurance artist, considered a modern-day Houdini, first television special titled, ‘David Blaine; Street Magic’
1983 – Ash Hampton, Marine, son, brother, nephew, husband, business owner garden center

Mildred Fay
Jefferson M.D.
Anthony Perkins (L)
c. 1966
Craig T. Nelson
c. 2013
David E. Kelley (L)
c. 1994 w/Pfeiffer
Robert Downey Jr.
c. 2014
David Blaine
* * * Vet completed March 7, 2018. (Dated, edited, and corrected): Photos sized March 12, 2018
(Conceived Around July 13)

>>  Noted Events On Saturday, April 4  <<

2020 – NOTE: – "Not All Verified": If no hyperlink, event not verified or vetted. [1] Could not corroborate date, may be conflicting data on multiple sites, or exact date could not be verified. Hyperlinks are generally verification of year, month, date, and event. [bh] Brainy History, not vetted elsewhere, take their word for it at this time, a valid citation would be nice. Error 403 links corrected when found.
2014 – The sixteen thousand four hundred eighty foot high Tungurahua volcano erupts twice; the volcano is located about ninety miles south of Quito in Ecuador [1]
2013 – The most distant supernova (SN UDS10Wil) on record is recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope
2012 – A power blackout in Northern England causes as many as fifty thousand homes to have a power blackout after heavy winds, snow and ice bring down electricity cables [bh]
1994 – Los Angeles Dodger Darryl Strawberry begins substance abuse treatment
1994 – Netscape Communications founded as Mosaic Communications
1989 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's final NBA game in Seattle
1988 – Governor of Arizona, Evan Mecham, was removed from office after being convicted in his impeachment trial
1983 – Sixth space shuttle mission, Challenger 1 launched
1974 – Hank Aaron ties Babe Ruth's home-run record by hitting his seven hundred and fourteenth
1973 – Then the tallest building, World Trade Center opens in New York City (one hundred and ten stories)
1968 – Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed, on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee
1964 – Beatles' “Can't Buy Me Love”, single goes number one, and stays number one for five weeks (Video)
1949 – North Atlantic Treaty, pact signed by U.S., Britain, France and Canada
1938 – Joe Louis KOs Harry Thomas in five for heavyweight boxing title
1932 – Vitamin C first isolated, CC King, University of Pittsburgh
1916 – U.S. Senate agrees (Eighty-two to six) to participate in WWI, entered two days later
1850 – City of Los Angeles incorporated
1832 – Charles Darwin aboard HMS Beagle reaches Rio de Janeiro [bh]
1818 – Congress decided U.S. flag is thirteen red and white stripes, and twenty stars [1]
1581 – Frances Drake completes circumnavigation of world

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