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>>  Noted Birthdays on Thursday, October 1  <<

Yip Man
1730 – Richard Stockton, U.S. attorney, signer Declaration of Independence (d.1781)
1781 – James Lawrence, naval hero, War of 1812, "Don't give up the ship!" (d.1813)
1832 – Caroline Lavinia Scott Harrison, first wife of Benjamin Harrison (d.1892)
1881 – William Boeing, American engineer, businessman, founded the Boeing Company (d.1956)
1890 – Alice Joyce, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actress, Song O' My Heart (d.1955)
1890 – Stanley Holloway, born in London, England, actor, Higgins – Our Man Higgins (d.1982)
1893 – Yip Man, Chinese martial artist, Bruce Lees' master (d.1972)
1903 – George Coulouris, Manchester, England, actor, Runaway Bus (d.1989)
1907 – Barbara Morrison, born in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England, actress, Project Moonbase (d.1992)

Walter Matthau
c. 1971
1909 – Everett Sloane, New York City, actor, Patsy, Citizen Kane, Enforcer (d.1965)
1910 – Bonnie Parker, born in Rowena, Texas, American outlaw of Bonnie and Clyde fame (d.1934)
1917 – Robert Gist, actor, director (d.1998)
1920 – Lonny Chapman, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, actor, Investigator, For the People (d.2007)
1920 – Walter Matthau, born in New York City, actor, Odd Couple, Bad News Bears (d.2000)
1921 – James Whitmore, born in White Plains, New York, actor, Give 'em Hell Harry (d.2009)
1924 – Jimmy Carter, American lieutenant, politician, thirty-ninth President of the United States, Nobel Prize laureate
1924 – William Rehnquist, American lawyer, jurist, sixteenth Chief Justice of the United States (d.2005)
1927 – Tom Bosley, born in Chicago, actor, Howard – Happy Days, Murder She Wrote (d.2010)

Jimmy Carter
c. 1979
1928 – Laurence Harvey, Lithuanian-English actor, director, producer (d.1973)
1928 – George Peppard, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Banacek, A-Team, Blue Max (d.1994)
1928 – Laurence Harvey, actor, Alamo, Romeo and Juliet (d.1973)
1930 – Philippe Noiret, Lille France, actor, Soleil, Les Milles, Il Postino (d.2006)
1930 – Richard Harris, born in Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland, actor, A Man Called Horse, singer, MacArthur Park (d.2002)
1932 – Albert Collins, singer, songwriter, guitarist (d.1993)
1935 – Julie Andrews, England, actress, singer, Sound of Music, Mary Poppins
1938 – Stella Stevens, born in Yazoo City, Mississippi, actress, Girls! Girls!, Manitou
1938 – Tony Epper, actor, stuntman (d.2012)

William Rehnquist
1939 – Geoffrey Whitehead, English actor
1940 – Marc Savoy, American accordion player, created the Cajun accordion
1940 – John Schuerholz [John Boland Schuerholz Jr.], baseball front office executive, Braves, Royals, HOF 2017
1942 – Robert Lelièvre, French singer, songwriter, guitarist (d.1973)
1943 – Jerry Martini, U.S. saxophonist, Sly and Family Stone – Sex Machine
1944 – Barbara Parritt, U.S. soul singer, Toys – Lover's Concerto
1944 – Herbert "Tubo" Rhoad, U.S. singer, Persuasions – Spread the Word (d.1988)
1945 – Rod Carew, Panamanian-American baseball player, coach, baseball slugger, AL Rookie of Year 1967, HOF-1991
1945 – Donny Hathaway, singer, songwriter, pianist, producer (d.1979)

Tom Bosley
c. 1960
1945 – Ellen McIlwaine, singer, songwriter, guitarist
1946 – Dave Holland, English bassist, composer, bandleader
1947 – Dave Arneson, American game designer, co-created Dungeons & Dragons (d.2009)
1947 – Aaron Ciechanover, Israeli biologist, physician, Nobel Prize laureate, Ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation
1947 – Martin Turner, English singer, songwriter, bass player, Wishbone
1947 – Stephen Collins, born in Des Moines, Iowa, actor, Star Trek I, Tattingers
1948 – Cub Koda, singer, songwriter, guitarist, Brownsville Station – "Smokin' in the Boys Room" (d.2000)
1948 – Ellen McIlwaine, born in Nashville, blues singer, Honky Tonky Angel
1949 – Isaac Bonewits, singer, songwriter, liturgist, author (d.2010)

George Peppard, Jr.
c. 1964
1950 – Natalia Nogulich, actress, Vice Admiral, Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev – Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
1950 – Randy Quaid, born in Houston, Texas, actor, Midnight Express, Vacation, Independence Day
1951 – Brian Greenway, Montreal, rock guitarist, vocalist, April Wine
1956 – Howard Hewett, born in Akron, Ohio, rock vocalist, Shalamar
1958 – Michelle Bauer, California, actress, One Million Heels BC, Penthouse Pet of the Month July 1981
1959 – Youssou N'Dour, Senegalese singer, songwriter, actor, politician
1962 – Esai Morales, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Bad Boys, La Bamba
1963 – Beth Chamberlin, Danville Vt, actress, Beth Spaulding – Guiding Light
1963 – Mark McGwire, first baseman, AL rookie of year 1988, Oakland A's, Cards
1964 – Christopher Titus, actor, producer, screenwriter
1968 – Kevin Griffin, singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer
1968 – Jay Underwood, actor, pastor
1969 – Zach Galifianakis, actor, comedian, producer, screenwriter
1972 – Esa Holopainen, Finnish singer, songwriter, guitarist
1973 – Christian Borle, actor, singer
1976 – Richard Oakes, English guitarist, songwriter
1976 – Kona Cormack, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Playmate February 1996
1980 – Sarah Drew, actress, Dr. April Kepner – Grey's Anatomy
1989 – Brie Larson, actress, Emily Stewart – Raising Dad

Richard Harris
c. 1985
Julie Andrews
c. 2013
Stella Stevens
c. 2009
Rod Carew
c. 2008
Stephen Collins
c. 2010
Randy Quaid
c. 2008
Mark McGwire
c. 2011
Brie Larson
c. 2016
*** Vet completed Sept. 29, 2017. (Dated, edited, sized, corrected)
(Conception around January 9)

>>  Noted Events On Thursday, October 1  <<

2020 – NOTE: – "Not All Verified": If no hyperlink, event not verified or vetted. [1] Could not corroborate date, may be conflicting data on multiple sites, or exact date could not be verified. Hyperlinks are generally verification of year, month, date, and event. [bh] Brainy History, not vetted elsewhere, take their word for it at this time. Error 403 links corrected when found.
2017 – Mandalay Bay shooting, 527 injured and 59 killed as Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd at a concert in Las Vegas
2015 – Umpqua Community College shooting: a gunman killed nine people at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon
2014 – Julia Pierson, the first female director of the U.S. Secret Service, resigns after an eighteen month tenure during which several security breaches occurred, including the recent daytime intrusion of the White House by a man armed with a knife
2013 – A partial shutdown of government agencies occurs after the U.S. House and Senate fails to agree on a spending bill to keep government operations running, until the seventeenth
2013 – Best-selling American author Tom Clancy dies at the age of 66; the author's debut book, 'The Hunt for Red October' has been cited as one of the greatest genre novels ever written
2011 – Over 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested when they swarmed the Brooklyn Bridge and shut down a lane of traffic
1997 – Carolina Hurricanes first game vs Tampa Bay Lightning [1]
1995 – Colorado Rockies are first team to make postseason before seventh year in existence
1993 – Lennox Lewis TKOs Frank Bruno in seven for heavyweight boxing title
1992 – Cartoon Network premieres
1992 – Greater Pittsburgh International Airport opened the new complex, with operations having been transferred overnight from the old terminal
1992 – Ross Perot re-enters presidental race
1990 – President Bush at U.N., condemns Iraq's takeover of Kuwait
1989 – Denmark introduces the world's first legal modern same-sex civil union called "registered partnership"
1989 – 10,000 East Germans flee to West Germany
1988 – Mikhail Gorbachev becomes Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet
1987 – The 5.9 Mw Whittier Narrows earthquake shakes the San Gabriel Valley with a Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe)
1986 – President Carter's presidential library-museum dedicated in Atlanta
1985 – The Israeli Air Force bombs Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) headquarters in Tunis
1984 – Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury comic strip resumes after two year hiatus
1982 – Epcot opens at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida, United States
1982 – The Sony CDP-101, the world's first commercially released Compact Disc player, is released in Japan for 168,000 yen ($730)
1980 – Maximum speedometer reading mandated at 85 MPH
1979 – The United States returns sovereignty of the Panama Canal to Panama
1979 – Pope John Paul II begins his first papal visit to USA in Boston
1977 – Brazilian soccer great Pele' retires with 1,281 goals in 1,363 games
1975 – Thrilla in Manila: Muhammad Ali defeats Joe Frazier in a boxing match in Manila, Philippines
1974 – Watergate cover-up trial opens in Washington D.C.
1971 – Walt Disney World opens near Orlando, Florida, United States
1971 – The first brain-scan using x-ray computed tomography (CT or CAT scan) is performed at Atkinson Morley Hospital in Wimbledon, London
1970 – Last game at Philadelphia's Connie Mack Stadium, Phils-2 Expos-1
1969 – Concorde breaks the sound barrier for the first time [1]
1962 – Brian Epstein signs a contract to manage Beatles through 1977
1962 – WEDH-TV channel 24 in Hartford, Conneticutt (PBS) begins broadcasting
1962 – James Meredith became first black at U of Mississippi
1962 – Johnny Carson hosts his first Tonight Show, Joan Crawford guests
1962 – The Lucy Show premieres
1961 – Mr Ed premieres on CBS
1961 – The United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is formed, becoming the country's first centralized military espionage organization
1961 – KGIN-TV channel 11 in Grand Island, Nebraska (CBS) begins broadcasting
1961 – Roger Maris sets record of 61 home runs off of Tracy Stallard
1961 – WOLO-TV channel 25 in Columbia, South Carolina (ABC) begins broadcasting
1961 – WYAH-TV (WGNT) channel 27 in Portsmouth, Virginia (IND) begins broadcasting
1960 – KCBY-TV channel 11 in Coos Bay, Oregon (CBS) begins broadcasting
1959 – The only World Series from 1949 through 1964 to not feature a New York team (Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago White Sox)
1957 – B-52 bombers begin full-time flying alert in case of U.S.S.R. attack
1957 – First appearance of "In God We Trust" on U.S. paper currency
1955 – Honeymooners premieres
1953 – KYTV-TV channel 3 in Springfield, Missouri (NBC) begins broadcasting
1953 – WATE-TV channel 6 in Knoxville, Tennessee (ABC/NBC) begins broadcasting
1953 – WREX-TV channel 13 in Rockford, Illinois (ABC) begins broadcasting
1949 – Proclamination of The People's Republic of China is established and declared by Mao Zedong
1948 – California Supreme Court (Perez v. Sharp) voids state statue banning interracial marriages
1947 – The North American F-86 Sabre flies for the first time
1946 – Nazi leaders are sentenced at Nuremberg trials
1946 – Mensa International, the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world, was formed in the United Kingdom
1945 – Heavyweight champ Joe Louis is discharged from army
1942 – Little Golden Books (children books) begins publishing and released to stores
1937 – The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 goes into effect, starting Marijuana Prohibition
1934 – Adolph Hitler expands German army and Navy and creates an air force, violating Treaty of Versailles [1]
1932 – World Series moves to Chicago, In fifth inning, Babe Ruth waits until he has 2 strikes, points and hits next pitch into center field bleachers
1919 – World Series begins as a best of 9 affair, White Sox intentionally throw this series to satisfy gamblers (Black Sox Scandal)
1910 – Los Angeles Times bombing: A large bomb destroys the Los Angeles Times building in downtown Los Angeles, killing 21
1908 – Ford puts the Model T car on the market at a price of US$825
1907 – A downturn in the stock market leads to a run on the dollar; U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt will be forced to call on financier JP Morgan to help manage the financial crisis
1892 – University of Chicago opens
1891 – Stanford University, founded by railroad magnate and California Governor Leland Stanford and his wife Jane on their former farm lands in Palo Alto, California, officially opened with 559 students and free tuition
1890 – Yosemite National Park is established by the U.S. Congress
1885 – Special delivery mail service begins in U.S.
1880 – First electric lamp factory is opened by Thomas Edison
1874 – Rotterdam opens drinking water pipes [bh]
1867 – Karl Marx' "Das Kapital," published [1]
1861 – Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, a book on housekeeping and cooking which remains in print today, was first published in London
1854 – The watch company founded in 1850 in Roxbury by Aaron Lufkin Dennison relocates to Waltham, Massachusetts, to become the Waltham Watch Company, a pioneer in the American system of watch manufacturing
1851 – First Hawaiian stamps issued
1847 – German inventor and industrialist Werner von Siemens founds Siemens AG & Halske
1844 – German explorer Ludwig Leichhardt departs Jimbour, the farthest outpost of settlement on the Queensland Darling Downs, to begin his exploration of Australia's Northern Territory from Moreton Bay to Port Essington
1832 – Texian political delegates convened at San Felipe de Austin to petition for changes in the governance of Mexican Texas
1811 – The first steamboat to sail the Mississippi River arrives in New Orleans
1800 – Spain cedes Louisiana to France via the Third Treaty of San Ildefonso
1529 – Meeting/debates (Marburg Colloquy) between Martin Luther and Huldrych Zwingli

D I S C L A I M E R S – N O T E S - C O M M E N T S

(Disclaimer Revised: 2/7/2019) Originally I set this up as a point of reference for home schooling. I have also noted, that history is being rewritten right under our noses. The JFK, Jr. death is one that has the information on the net altered. This has turned into a monumental project. There is no discrimination on these pages. This site is designed using the KISS Principle. Anything that came out of the Lockheed Skunk Works always got my attention.

This is the final revision. I recently realized that I was stressing over getting days done before they came up. I ended that with a simple note on events that if they did not have a hyperlink, they were not verified and vetted. When this is completed sometime next year (2020), then all that will be needed will be updates to deaths and additions to births and events each day. Counts on time show each day has an investment of between thirty-five and forty-nine hours (working up September 11 events). Clicking a photo will lead to a page for more information on the person or event depicted in the photo. Events are getting done, but it is a lot of mining for data. I noted that I spent close to one half hour on one event finding data to complete it. If the mining shows month and year, but not the date, I add [1] to the end. If you don't see a [1] that means that the hyperlink shows somewhere in the text that the date, month, and year are verified. Note: I have found numerous events with conflicting dates, in duplicate locations. There are links to "Brainy History" that I can find no mention anywhere else on the net about the event. I left them for now, and may research further, but is "Brainy History" a good place for a source? (Not happy about time in the public library.) Another quick note, I have removed a lot of events because of no verification. I have moved many to the correct date (Surprised? Again, BH.). There may still be incorrect dates, if you have the time to mine them, fine. The same holds true for events. But just so you know, I will not lose sleep over them. I have also found myself to prove my humanity, with an error. When found they will be corrected. Almost all links associated with the photos are through Wikipedia or, at times, the birthday boys or girls will have a link to their home page, if available and active at the time of creation. If they go out of service? On occasion, links will be available on birthdays of special note not worthy of a photo to help you notice them. Some times locating a decent photo is very difficult. Maybe Wikipedia will make an offer on the data I can't refuse?

Actors, actresses, singers, country and rock music will be on the page. If you did nothing in English, automatic rejection! No Rappers! If they can't sing, they should not be in front of the microphone. It is called poetry, read it at a sitting like you are supposed to do. The other thing about rap "music", are the foul mouths I have found associated with it. I don't have the time to police them. Go ahead, be offended, I don't care!

Sports legends only. If they are playing outfield for the Bugtussle Bucks, nope. If they are in the HOF (Hall Of Fame, for the acronym challenged), and I know it or have researched it, they will be there. If their name has passed in front of me what I consider, enough times to notice their work or accomplishments, yes. (Quick Note: Most Yankees fit that description) There are no cricket, rugby, dart throwing, pool playing, English football, you get the drift here. Willie Mosconi and Minnesota Fats made the cut, just so you know...

Authors that a teacher made me read or study, yes. Nobel Prize laureates of noted social advancements to society, yes. I have been dismissive of Nobel Peace Prize winners after seeing who they have recently awarded this "Prize". If they make my list, there is reason, so be it. Questions on this? See this page to get a reason. —> (Irena Sendler) Now, recently, I noted that the inventor of DDT won a Nobel Prize. Really? I got my chops busted by a guy that follows me, telling me that DDT was wonderful in stopping mosquitoes and malaria. I pointed to the bee population.

Just a quick note on original construction. I might adjust it all day. I add, sometimes vet, for a few hours, until I am happy with it. I go over them and ask myself, what would I like to see here, to help remind me of our history? If there is music, I put in a link. Then, that way, I can click on a link and listen to it. Usually albums and songs. This way you can open in a new tab, and then listen as you go about surfin' or whatever. I researched the songs that are linked. Imagine my surprise when I found a song linked to a performer, and the performer was not with the group when the song was released. Time again becomes a factor. I hope you use these links, as I do and enjoy them. If you notice, I may get slack on this aspect near the end of the month. It piles up on me to get the next month done before it is "due!" I then keep tweaking it to satisfy me. I do this for me, if it pleases you, so be it.

Another note on original construction. I started in March, bits and pieces, data collection issues, technique, were all being assembled for construction. Some days are a bit scarce, but I am trying to keep up.

Events will try to be related to the United States, Israel, or related directly to United States diplomacy, or have benefited the world, as I see fit. You should be able to copy and paste for searching from this page. Most will have links, as I get time.

Copyright. Most photos are copyrighted, and noted within the .JPG property details. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 2.0 or later. Many are considered public domain. So you lawyers can get off your high horse. My guess is most will be happy with the publicity plug. That is all. I still find typos.

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