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>>  Noted Birthdays on Wednesday, December 7  <<

Richard Warren Sears
1801 – Johann Nepomuk Nestroy, Austrian actor, Judith und Holofernes (d.1862)
1863 – Richard Warren Sears, businessman, co-founded Sears (d.1914)
1892 – Nora Nicholson, Leamington, England, actress, Blue Lagoon, Crow Hollow (d.1973)
1893 – Fay Bainter, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Jezebel, Our Town, State Fair (d.1968)
1895 – Jack Pennick, born in Portland, Oregon, actor, Lady From Louisiana (d.1964)
1904 – Clarence Nash, voice actor, singer (Donald Duck) (d.1985)
1910 – Louis Prima, singer, songwriter, trumpet player, actor (d.1978)
1910 – Rod Cameron, Calgary, Alberta, actor, City Detective, State Trooper (d.1983)
1915 – Eli Wallach, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, The Magnificent Seven, The Misfits, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (d.2014)

Eli Wallach
c. 1966
1919 – Lis Løwert, Danish actress, singer (d.2009)
1923 – Ted Knight, born in Terryville, Connecticut, Mary Tyler Moore, Too Close for Comfort (d.1986)
1926 – Victor Kermit Kiam II, CEO, Remington shavers, NFL owner, Patriots (d.2001)
1932 – Ellen Burstyn, born in Detroit, actress, Exorcist, Alice Doesn't Live Here
1942 – Harry Chapin, born in New York City, rock vocalist, Taxi, Cat's in the Craddle (d.1981)
1947 – Johnny Bench, baseball catcher, Reds, HOF-1989
1947 – Vincent Baggetta, Paterson, New Jersey, actor, Lou – Chicago Story
1948 – Gary Morris, Fort Worth, Texas, country singer, actor, Colbys
1949 – Tom Waits, born in California, rocker, song writer, Blue Valentine

Ted Knight
c. 1972
1950 – Ron Hynes, Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist (d.2015)
1952 – Georges Corraface, Greek actor, former president of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival
1953 – Tim Gazaway, musician, business financial consultant, son, brother, husband, father, grandfather
1954 – Julie Halston, actress, Juror, Drunks, Addams Family Values
1955 – Priscilla Barnes, Fort Dix, New Jersey, actress, License to Kill, Terri Alden – Three's Company
1956 – Larry Bird, West Baden Springs, Indiana, Boston Celtics, HOF
1958 – Edd Hall, TV announcer, Jay Leno's Tonight Show
1958 – Tim Butler, English bass player, songwriter, the Psychedelic Furs
1959 – Lillie McCloud, Rochester, New York, singer, songwriter

Johnny Bench
c. 1966
1959 – Barbara Wilshere, South African-English actress
1961 – Mary Beth Evans, born in Pasadena, California, actress, Katherine Ashton – General Hospital
1963 – Barbara Weathers, vocalist, Atlantic Star – Touch a 4 Leaf Clover
1964 – Patrick Fabian, actor, Better Call Saul
1965 – Jeffrey Wright, actor, Belize – Angels in America
1966 – C. Thomas Howell, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Red Dawn, Tank, Soul Man
1973 – Terrell Owens, football player, actor, wide reciever for the San Francisco 49ers
1974 – Nicole Appleton, born in Hamilton, Ontario, singer, 'All Saints' band, albums include, 'Everything's Eventual', 'Studio 1'
1976 – Sunny Sweeney, singer, songwriter, guitarist
1977 – Dominic Howard, English drummer, producer
1978 – Shiri Appleby, actress, director, producer, Liz Parker – Roswell
1979 – Sara Bareilles, singer, songwriter, pianist, actress
1982 – Jesse Johnson, actor, son of actors Don Johnson and Patti D'Arbanville
1987 – Aaron Carter, singer, songwriter, dancer, actor
1988 – Emily Browning, Australian actress, singer
1989 – Caleb Landry Jones, actor
1990 – Yasiel Puig, Cienfuegos, Cuba, Cuban baseball player, Los Angeles Dodgers

Priscilla Barnes
c. 2006
Larry Bird
c. 2004
Terrell Owens
c. 2006
Yasiel Puig
c. 2014
* * * Vet completed November 21, 2017. (Dated, edited, and corrected)
(All Conceived Around March 16)

>>  Noted Events On Wednesday, December 7  <<

2022 – NOTE: – "Not All Verified": If no hyperlink, event not verified or vetted. [1] Could not corroborate date, may be conflicting data on multiple sites, or exact date could not be verified. Hyperlinks are generally verification of year, month, date, and event. [bh] Brainy History, not vetted elsewhere, take their word for it at this time. Error 403 links corrected when found.

Pictured, U.S.S. Arizona going to rest (1941), 81 Years Ago Today. The Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, which launched America's involvement in World War II. Intelligence we gathered, prepared we were not.
2022 – National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
2014 – The Syrian military accuse Israel of carrying out two air strikes on Syria
2011 – Rod Blagojevich, the former Governor of the State of Illinois, is issued a sentence of 14 years in jail for corruption
2011 – In Hawaii, the U.S. commemorates the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor
2010 – At auction, John James Audubon's 'Birds of America' sells for a record price of $10.3 million
2004 – After popularizing the PC in the '80s, IBM sells its PC business to a Chinese company
1988 – Yasser Arafat recognizes the right of Israel to exist
1987 – A disgruntled airline ex-employee on Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 shot his former boss, two pilots, and himself, causing the plane to crash near Cayucos, California, leaving no survivors
1982 – In Texas, Charles Brooks, Jr., becomes the first person to be executed by lethal injection in the United States
1973 – Wings release "Band on the Run" in the U.K.
1972 – Apollo 17, the last Apollo moon mission, is launched. The crew takes the photograph known as The Blue Marble as they leave the Earth
1971 – Wings release their first album "Wild Life"
1971 – Lewis Franklin Powell, Jr. confirmed as Supreme Court justice
1968 – Richard Dodd returns a library book his great grandfather took out in 1823 from the University of Cincinnati
1967 – Otis Redding records "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay", the first posthumous single to top the charts in the U.S. (YouTube)
1965 – Pope Paul VI and Orthodox Patriarch Athenagoras I simultaneously lift mutual excommunications that led to split of 2 churches in 1054 [bh]
1963 – Instant replay is used for the first time in a Army-Navy game
1954 – KCTS-TV channel 9 in Seattle, Washington (PBS) begins broadcasting
1953 – Israel's Prime Minister Ben-Gurion retires, steps down January 26 [1]
1952 – KKTV-TV channel 11 in Colorado Springs-Pueblo, Colorado (CBS) first broadcast
1946 – A fire at the Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, kills 119 people, the deadliest hotel fire in U.S. history
1941 – Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, a date that will live in infamy
1941 – First Japanese submarine sunk by a U.S. ship (USS Ward (DD-139))
1941 – Imperial Japanese Navy with 353 planes attack U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hawaii, killing 2403 people
1941 – Meanwhile, across the International Date line (tomorrow), at precisely the same world time as the Pearl Harbor attack, Japanese forces simultaneously invade Shanghai International Settlement, Malaya, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and the Dutch East Indies
1938 – W9XZY broadcasts facsimile of St. Louis Post-Dispatch by radio [bh]
1937 – Red Sox acquire the contract of 19-year-old Ted Williams [bh]
1934 – Wiley Post discovers jet stream [bh]
1921 – KWG-AM in Stockton California begins radio transmissions
1917 – U.S. becomes 13th country to declare war on Austria during World War I [bh]
1911 – National Hockey Association forms with New Westminster, Vancouver and Victoria
1909 – Belgian-born Leo Baekeland, Yonkers, NY, patents first thermosetting plastic (Bakelite) [bh]
1907 – Eugene Corri becomes first referee in a boxing ring [bh]
1900 – Max Planck, in his house at Grunewald, on the outskirts of Berlin, discovers the law of black body radiation
1877 – Thomas Edison demonstrates his phonograph (gramophone) to the editors of "Scientific American"
1872 – HMS Challenger sets sail on 3½ year world oceanographic cruise
1869 – American outlaw Jesse James commits his first confirmed bank robbery in Gallatin, Missouri, kills 1
1836 – Martin Van Buren elected eighth president
1808 – James Madison elected fourth U.S. President and George Clinton Vice-President
1804 – Naturalist Alexander von Humboldt reports his discovery of the decrease in intensity of Earth's magnetic field from the poles to the equator in a memoir to the Paris Institute
1787 – Delaware becomes the first state to ratify the United States Constitution
1703 – The Great Storm of 1703, the greatest windstorm ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain, makes landfall. Winds gust up to 120 mph, and 9,000 people die
1696 – Connecticut Route 108, one of the oldest highways in the U.S. is completed to Trumbull

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