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Cable/Satellite TV Costs You,
How Much A Year?
Ever Figure It Out?

$80 a month X 12 months = $960 per year. My taxes on that $80 was $7.20 a month. Got me to $1046.40 a year. Now I don't know about you, but for that kind of green, I think I can do without CNN and WTBS. Most of those cable only channels I don't watch anyway.

Ever Check Out Your Other Options?

If you remember, back in 2009 in the U.S., we quit broadcast analog signal for Digital TV, or DTV for short. Have you ever checked out what is available to you for FREE? Click on this link to check out your ZipCode. CLICK HERE This will open the Channel Master website where you input your ZipCode, and it will look up the transmitters for your area as well as show you prime options for antenna.

Now we get to the subject of Antennas. My research has found that for the money, the Channel Master Store has about the best deals around. CLICK HERE for the store website. The SMARTenna Indoor TV Antenna (CM-3001HD) is the best deal for the money as you can see because they were sold out until Dec. 2013.

F.Y.I. Note: I found 19 stations on the DTV Transition website. When I got the tuner set up, (Analog TV, had to buy a tuner, should have put the $$$ into a flat screen with the ATSC tuner built in.), I got 58 stations coming in loud and clear. Each "station" may have 2 to 8 channels or more running on it. Ex. 10.1, 10.2, 10.3... A lot of movie channels, weather, and more all for FREE. Worth looking into. Free is always better.

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Day 1219 Of The Biden Administration
216 Days Until Christmas

What is T H R I V E ?

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