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Build Calendar Input

Choose month and year that you wish to build.
Year in the form of YYYY from 1803 into the future with an
upper year limit of 32767. After that this code will need a rewrite! ;-)


Calendar Builder Possibilities...

In wondering what could be done with a calendar page with ASP I took it upon myself to construct a calendar builder. This was after I made a set of calendars for Y2K in the effort to give the kids something that they could create. With your printer set on landscape you could print out a nice calendar. Then with some creative juices, you could color or decorate these calendars yourself. (A heart on St. Valentine's Day, a Shamrock on St. Patrick's Day, a birthday cake on Mom's birthday, etc.) With a good imagination and a big box of Crayons... Then with an inexpensive binder and a piece of string, give them as holiday presents to your family.

After a little more contemplation on the subject, I decided that it would be nice to be able to produce any calendar for any month in any year. Someone may want to know what day of the week they will turn 100! Or Mom never did tell them what day of the week they were born. The main reasons for this are many. Using a Database, you can insert events and have them pulled from the database and inserted into the calendar. Rather than painstakingly constructing each calendar from scratch, with this method the calendars can be constructed on the fly for each year.

Consider a large business that keeps track of birthdays. With this little ASP page and a database, you can make a birthday calendar for the whole business each year with the database being updated as time progresses. With an Intranet site, you could put in a link for all employees to check this page. You could also make up a database that contains all of your family history. Birthdays, marriages, first dates, proposals, and any information that your family would be interested in, and then create the months as you go, year by year. You could also publish it on the Web so your family members could go there and get their own calendars created using your family tree database. If someone kept up the database, in the future it would show an interesting family tree containing Great-greats.

With just a bit of tweaking, and a very large printer, you could print out your own desk blotter calendar. Think on the possibilities yourself, you may be able to come up with something more constructive and useful. If you do let me know!

Warren J. Miller

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