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SSI Amortize Main

Social Security Amortization

This is it! When I get all of the data needed to build this table, this will be where you will come to set up how far back your Social Security Input goes. Then you will enter into the form all the amounts that you have paid into SSI since you started working. When you click the submit button, the ASP will crunch your data against the One Year Bond rates for the entire period of time to the present. It will then show you the total dollars you would have in bonds if you had been investing the money in One Year Bonds instead of giving it as a "tax" to the government.

It is not that hard to get a listing of how much you have paid into SSI. All you have to do is request it. It will then be sent to you in an easy to understand statement. Get yours now and you should have it when I get this up and in production.

I may also create an Excel spreadsheet that will do the same from your Windows computer.

I started this project after my Dad told me that someone claimed to him that the Social Security check he receives every month was a government hand out. After amortizing what he paid into Social Security using the one year bond rates, he came up with the figure of $2,400,000.00 that he should now have. Scary isn't it!? He still wonders where his money is! If I could just find the computer jock that crunched the numbers for him with the rates.

Social Security History Lesson

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