2 lb 80/20 Ground Chuck
2 cups water
Some salt to taste
Onion, finely chopped
Pickle, whole, hand sliced
No catsup, shame on you!

Credit Jon Lake with acclaim to Monte Prim!

I don't believe that I've ever posted my current recipe. It has been modified in just the last couple of months.

Currently, I place two pounds of 80/20 ground chuck in a roughly 3 quart pot. (Monte uses an electric skillet) I add two cups of water and some salt. Before I turn on the heat, I chop up the meat with a spatula (one like you'd flip eggs or a burger). Only after that is all combined do I turn on the heat. I start on high and slowly start turning it down to medium high and keep it there until it begins to boil. Do not allow it to boil the water off! We are steam cooking the beef. Add water as needed, but do not flood. I continuously chop the meat with the spatula. I turn it down to low and allow it to boil with a lid covering it. Every 15 minutes I stir the meat and make sure that none of it is sticking to the bottom. I continue this for about an hour.

I get my bun ready and add diced/finely chopped onion, mustard and thin sliced dill pickles. I don't use the ones that are wavy cut because they are too thick. So, I take a whole dill pickle and slice it myself. When my bun is ready, I set it next to the pot with the meat. I use a slotted spoon and with a spoonful, I use a solid spoon to press the liquid out of the meat. I pile the meat high on the bun, close the bun and I'm ready to eat. For an even more realistic presentation, you can have a heavy paper towel on your plate and wrap the sandwich in it. Always have a spoon ready. - Jon Lake with credit to Monte Prim.